9. FOX News' J.D. Gordon Shows Bias By Only Discussing the Negatives of Obama's Plan to Close Guantanamo

In a recent article posted on, reporter J.D. Gordon responded to President Obama's most recent push to close Guantanamo and return the facility to Cuba. Gordon is critical of the President's plan, stating that prisoners moved to the U.S. could be released into the country while emphasizing the fact that they could be linked to terrorist groups.

However, despite the fact that Gordon makes a passionate case, his analysis of the situation is blatantly biased. For example, the most prominent clue that the reporter was writing with an anti-White House agenda is that he only explores one side of the story. While he discusses all of the negatives that could potentially stem from closing Guantanamo, he never once reviews the positives.

Furthermore, Gordon goes out of his way to incorporate claims and observations that paint President Obama and his administration in a negative light while failing to explore the other side of the situation. The FOX News journalist mentions that the White House is intentionally misleading when discussing the cost of Guantanamo and claims that Obama only wishes to return the naval base back to Cuba to improve his image, though he offers no factual evidence for the latter.

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