10. Fox news presenter expresses hostile view against implementing stricter gun laws by claiming that Australia has no freedom

Fox news presenter Tucker Carlson offered a biased view against implementing stricter gun regulations, interrupting his co-host's attempt to provide balance.

This news piece from early October, following the fatal shooting on a school campus in Oregon, was entirely one-sided, providing audio from Donald Trump saying that the problem is not guns, but gun-free zones. Both Tucker Carlson and his female co-host supported this idea, arguing that we should not blame the tool, but the perpetrator.

Meanwhile, the piece did not provide an interview from anyone on the opposing side of the issue. When co-host Clayton Morris tried to use Australia as a positive example in favour of stronger gun restrictions, he was cut off by Carlson, who stated that Australia has no freedom.

Furthermore, his claim that "you can go to prison for expressing unpopular views in Australia and people do," is unsupported. It's believed he is referring to section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act in Australia which makes it unlawful for someone to perform an act that is reasonably likely to "offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate" someone because of their race or ethnicity. While certain reports have been in trouble for such offences, an unlawful act is not necessarily a criminal offence and people to not go to jail for such comments.

Australia does not have freedom of speech written in their constitution, but to say that Australia has no freedom is simply untrue. Rather than simply mentioning that Australia has strict gun laws, the news piece needed to provide a strong argument in support of stricter gun regulations to avoid biased reporting, including the fact that there have been no mass shootings in Australia since the gun control laws of 1996.

Fox news received heavy backlash from YouTube comments and Australian newspapers.

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