7. Fox News report shows strong bias by only speaking against Obama's "You didn't build that" statement from a 2012 campaign speech in Virginia

Fox News report shares on the air only biased views against Obama's statement, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that", which was said in a campaign speech in Virginia for the 2012 election.  Guests were brought onto the show to have a "fair and balanced debate" about this statement, along with a Fox News reporter. However, it become clear that all of these "debaters" had the same opinion on this issue.

Since all of the guests disagreed with Obama's statement, there was no insight from anyone on the other side. A viewer watching this report would hear nothing neutral or positive about Obama or his speech, thus making the news report very biased.

In addition to the news report as a whole being biased, the Fox News reporter herself is also biased. Throughout the entire news report, she is just sharing negative perspectives and opinions on Obama's statement. When addressing and talking to the show's guests, she makes sure to direct the conversation in a way to negatively talk about the President's statement. For example, she starts out the "debate" with a quote saying that Obama is dismantling the American dream. 

This quote alone would not be considered biased, except never once in the news report does she share a quote from someone who has something positive to say about this issue. There are most likely people who agree with what Obama said, but this view was not presented in this news report. 

Obama's statement is saying that small business owners did not build their businesses alone, but rather they had help along the way. The Fox News reporter takes this a step further by stating that Obama is alienating small business owners. Obama may not have meant this in his statement, but the "debaters" on Fox News all seemed to agree with the reporter. 

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