5. Life Site News is not afraid to show bias and political agenda against Planned Parenthood by writing a glorified book report

There is no question that there is bias and political agenda in a Life Site News article titled, “Planned Parenthood workers reveal: The devious ways we coerced pregnant teens to abort”. It elaborates on the book Bad Choices: A Look inside Planned Parenthood, where former Planned Parenthood worker Lavonne Wilenken tells about her experience working with the organization.

The first evidence of bias lies in their decision to write a story about this book, which views Planned Parenthood and abortion extremely negatively. They start off by summarizing the book: “Former Planned Parenthood worker Lavonne Wilenken describes coercive and biased counseling given by Planned Parenthood workers to teenagers considering abortion.”

Secondly, this article was published On October 30, 2015, 23 years after the book was published. The author of this article, Sarah Terzo, tries to justify the random timing a few times. For example, she writes, “[Wilenken’s] testimony adds to the ever-growing pile of evidence that Planned Parenthood has been giving biased and coercive counseling to women for years,” and, “Wilenken told her story back in 1992. Why is it still relevant today? Because Planned Parenthood has always aggressively promoted abortion as the solution to unplanned pregnancy.”

The timing of this article suggests Life Site News supports the currently very heated debate that Planned Parenthood has acted immorally and should be defunded. Terzo includes details about Planned Parenthood that align perfectly with the pro-life argument and work to defame the organization. “Cecile Richards, current president of Planned Parenthood,salary is around $590,000 a year, has admitted that, aside from government funds, abortion brings in 86% of Planned Parenthood’s income. Therefore, it is a huge par of their business and a primary source of revenue.”

Terzo uses accusatory language and word choice to further these arguments and present even stronger bias. “Sadly, Planned Parenthood has always shown a willingness to bend the truth to suit their pursuit of profit.” “Wilenken’s clinic was so eager to do abortions that she says they outright forced a 17 year old tohave one against her will.”

Lastly, there is something to be said for what Terzo chose not to mention. After doing some research, I discovered the book was written by a male researcher named Douglas R. Scott, who is extremely religious.

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