Madden NFL 16 adds new catching system that gives players more control over the wide receivers

For the first time ever the creators of the new Madden NFL 16 have made changes to the receiving options. Previously in the other Maddens there has only been one option for receiver's to catch the ball which was pressing Y/Triangle, allowing wide receivers to jump up and catch the ball. Madden players complained to the creators saying that there were not enough controls for the wide receivers.

The new catching system in Madden NFL 16 gives the player three different options to catch the ball. The first option allows the receiver to catch the ball and keep running by pressing square/X. This option allows the receivers to also run down balls that are thrown out in front of them. The second option allows wide receivers to catch the ball and fall right down to the ground by pressing X/A. This option helps wide receivers fall right to the ground while catching the ball with defenders around to avoid being hit. The third option allows wide receivers to jump up and make plays over the defender by pressing Triangle/Y. This option helps receivers catch the deep passes that are high in the air.

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