New 3D Glasses Sync with Microsoft Kinect Using Eye Tracking Software to Allow the Gamer to Have a More Realistic Gaming Experience

SensoMotoric Instruments' new eye tracking 3D glasses bring 3D gaming to a new level.  The glasses
Source: 3D Focus
not only track the user's gaze, but also the head and motion.  The glasses' detection of 3D objects allow the gamer to interact with the virtual elements with only their gaze.

A tiny camera on each side of the glasses track eye movement, while a scene camera records what is in front of the viewer.  They are also able to customize the experience by detecting the eye distance of the gamer.

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), partnered with Volfoni, who provided the 3D lenses, to complete the project.  Not only is the product useful for video gaming, but the glasses can also be used for improving product pre-testing, viewing 3D product designs, or navigating through virtual space/landscaping plans.

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