New VR program encourages natural communication, teams up with game company Wizards to simulate Dungeons & Dragons

Source: AltSpaceVR
AltSpaceVR is attempting to bridge the virtual and the physical through their extensive VR engine that is capable of transmitting body language to your friends. They have partnered up with gaming company Wizards of the Coast to create a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) experience in virtual reality based on Wizards' own Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Both companies believe that the presence provided by AltSpaceVR is capable of enhancing the digital RPG experience in ways that have not been explored.

Using a combination of 3D game objects and 2D information panels, players are able to access information with ease, while still retaining the "old-fashioned" elements of rolling dice, moving figurines, and writing character information sheets that many players feel is at the core of any tabletop RPG experience.

AltSpaceVR and Wizards of the Coast are both extremely excited about expanding the software to be a complete virtual environment, and refer to this version of their software as the "first step" in their partnership. While the future of virtual reality is still unclear, it is obvious that gaming will play a major role in developing the experience.

Source: Gizmodo

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