NIH Study Shows Positive Effects of Video Games on Pain Management

When talk of health effects being correlated to the use of video games, the topic most often leads to the discussion of violent tendencies, however a study by the NIH proved this is not always true.  The study showed the positive effects that video game usage can have on individuals which need a mental escape from physical pain.

The example used by the post by NIH, was that an individual who kept picking at a sore was provided a hand held video game and his sore healed very quickly after the “treatment” of a video game was provided.  The study also addressed the fact that it is necessary to acknowledge the potential dangerous effects excessive video game use can have.

The article was posted on NIH’s website and provides their information in a very well rounded manner. I believe the source gives it a large amount of credibility because the public knows that the NIH is a truthful source and will report the facts. The article evaluated the potential negative effects in addition to the positive, and provided a rather unbiased view of the topic.

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