People who play action video games are more likely to have increased grey matter and connections in the brain

According to an article, researchers found that playing action video game (AVG) increases your brain functions particularly in your attentional and sensorimotor networks. Action video game experts were able to accomplish tasks associated with these networks better than others.

Furthermore, researchers used fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to look at the differences in the brains of AVG experts and AVG amateurs. They found that the experts had more grey matter in their brain as well as a significantly larger amount of connection in the left hemisphere of their brain.

Overall, I would trust the source of the information. The information in the article is based on an actual study conducted by researchers that is clearly cited. The actual research itself appears legitimate. The only issue with the study itself is that the sample size is of only 57 people.

In the article, there is a bias in favor of the research results. The author of the article is gamer. He ends the article with "It turns out that the years I spent playing Wolfenstein, Counterstrike, and Unreal Tournament didn't completely go to waste."

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