Public Universities Embrace Religion by Encouraging Religious Groups and Providing Residence Halls

By Vanessa Bonetti and Tiago DeSouza, Row 3

Public Universities throughout the country are embracing religion by allowing students to form religious groups, even extending that to religious dormitories.

University of Maryland's Christian Outreach chapter meets to encourage religious faith 

The University of Maryland's (UMD) Christian Outreach chapter recently held 3 discussions on how students can maintain their religious faith while dealing with the stress that comes from being in college, such as school work and time management. Jerel Merrill, a mission leader of this chapter explained that, "students need to study and go about school, put the Lord first and trust in his grace for the work that we do".

Merrill explained the Outreach group's purpose, stating "we work on campuses advancing the Gospel and providing a close-knit group of people who are seeking to grow closer in the Lord".

Troy University Opened a Religious Residence Hall

Troy University, a public university located in Troy, Alabama also encourages religious practices by giving religious students the opportunity to reside in a religious dormitory with fellow worshipers.
Troy's chancellor, Jack Hawkins Jr., claims that "it is not about proselytizing, but about bringing a values based opportunity to the campus."

Troy university also has a large percentage of students who attend religious services. About 48 percent of incoming freshmen frequent some sort of religious service compared to the national average of 29 percent.

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