Standard Xbox One Controllers Now Have The Same Button Remapping Feature As The New Xbox Elite Controllers

Xbox has recently announced that the standard Xbox One controllers that most gamers now own will have a button remapping feature that allows users to change button functions. So, if you do not want the "A" button to be jump in a certain game you can switch it so the "Y" button is jump.

However, this is as far as the feature can go for the standard controllers. The Xbox Elite controllers have much more features including remapping multiple buttons, adjusting thumbtack and trigger button sensitivity, adjusting vibration motors, swappable parts, and trigger button locks.

The important factor here is that you can only have one configuration per user with the standard controller but with the Elite controller you can have up to 256 configurations per user.

The Elite controller debuted October 27th,  2015 and is selling for $250. It is recommended for gamers who do not already own Xbox Ones to get the Xbox One Elite bundle that came out November 3rd which includes the Xbox One and Elite controllers.

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