Students find it difficult to keep religion as part of their college experience

By: Amar Sejdic and Kate Waters
Life in college is all about balance, and according to a well written article in the University of Maryland Diamondback, Christian Outreach chapter holds talks on maintaining faith in college, some students are looking to maintain that balance. When you are at school, however far from home that may be, sometimes your priorities become a little messed up. There are many things that need balanced when it comes to living on your own in the college life: school- which includes homework and tutors, social life, sleep and maybe even athletics. But also, based on how important religion is to you and your family, you may need to balance a way to keep practicing your faith in your hectic schedule. 

Groups created to reinforce teachings of the Lord while balancing college life

           This article shows students that there is a way of maintaining that equilibrium of all of your priorities. Students at the University of Maryland are a part of a group called the Christian Outreach. These students work together to keep students practicing their faith and finding a closer knit relationship with the Lord. One group member, Merrill, says, “To exist well as college students, in order to serve him well to our studies, we need to order our lives in a way that reflects that”. Merrill is saying that in order to reflect your relationship with the Lord, religion must become a top priority when it comes to your time management.

            Merrill also talks about how school can be demanding and there are many other responsibilities on top of maintaining your faith, but he says, “[…] God has called on us to do well in school”. This shows that your schoolwork must also be a top priority in order to keep your grades above average and serve the Lord.

With new environments, students lose track of religious belief

            A lot of first year students lose track of their priorities, as it may be the first time for many of them living on their own. According to an ABC News article Are Students Losing TheirReligion On Campus?, first year student Ashley Parrish soon lost one of the most important things to her and her family during her first year, her religious practice. With all of the newness of the college life, especially partying and new friends, she stopped going to church altogether. Parrish soon pulled herself together and proved it is possible to maintain your faith while you are at school and she states, “[…] we learn from our struggles and from our temptations and from our mess-ups and every time we fall we get back up and we know we are given a second chance”. Parrish turned herself around from her freshman year struggles and redefined her faith in the Lord. Students must learn to balance things in the order of importance in their lives, which really brings to light what is most important to you as a person without the views of your parents and other family members.

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