Studies show that video games can have both a negative and positive effect on a child's development.

In a study by Vanderbilt University, researchers analyzed the effect of video games on child development.

The study found that violent video games have a negative effect on children. The students who played a violent video game had more health issues like a higher heart rate dizziness, nausea and more aggressive thoughts than those who didn’t play. Aside from various negative effects, the researchers also brought up the positive effects of video games. Studies have shown that playing video games can teach people how to follow directions and how to solve-problems. They concluded the article by discussing the difficulty in finding the fine-line between a healthy amount of gaming and an excessive amount. It was a very interesting and well written article.

This article was a very reliable source of information. It comes from a group of college educators who have done extensive research on the subject. They presented both the positive and negatives of video games and they left out their judgment and opinions. It wasn’t a one-sided study in the least. The article was backed by facts and statistics that were cited throughout. For these reasons, I don’t think the article is biased.

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