Non-violent video games beneficial for children with autism by developing social interaction skills

According to a study done by German and Austrian researchers, non-violent video games with a storytelling aspect have a positive effect on autistic children by improving their social engagement skills.

Since children with autism often lack public interaction and communication abilities, the requirement for them to make decisions and connect with other characters via games becomes educational.  The video games teach children acceptable and expected social behaviors like eye contact and empathy.

This is largely contributed to the theory of mind which addresses how storytelling allows one to access other's mental states.  Gamers become absorbed in the story and as a result experience a psychological impact.

I found this article to be trustful and contain accurate information.  The article was published on Medical Daily which is a valid news source with a positive reputation.  Samantha Olson, the writer of this article, was selected by the National Press Foundation as a 2015 Journalism Fellow depicting her credibility as a writer.

The study itself was published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal which is a honorable source.  Olson does a quality job of presenting the facts of this study throughout her article without personal opinions.

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