8. Covering the article with mostly of Galveston Police bias's perspective, it portrayed Philip Turner as a potential threat in Galveston County

Philip Turner has been arrested for recording vehicle license plates and police movements in front of the Justice Court. Once the police begin to be aware of Turner's behavior, the police became cautious and questioned Turner of his actions. As the police begin to question Turner, Turner remained silent and refused to identify himself. Police officer, Michael Gray, stated that "He never gave us any answer about why he was filming our Galveston station", and feared he might be planning some "future harm".

As a result, Turner was arrested and taken to the Galveston County jail with a misdemeanor charge. Further identifying Turner, the police found that he is a "video activist" for the website and has been arrested by other police departments with the same behavior conflict.

The bias in this article focused more on the Galveston Police perspective of how they see Turner's behavior as a threat. The article attemps to be objective in its writing, readers may perceive Turner as a criminal or a threat to the community. It is understandable that safety is valued most upon society, thus everyone the police has the right to handle the situation with the appropriate amount of force. Despite Turner background briefly covered in the article, it is important to get both side perspective as much as possible to avoid any misunderstanding between the two sides.

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