The preventative solution to your everyday illnesses' could be sitting in your pocket

By Michelle Cunha and Ben Weiner (Row 1)


University of Marylnd Medical Center in Baltimore Plan to Begin Testing its Applications on Humans

With the help of mobile health technology, applications on phones are able to monitor individuals' health, track their health signals and show ways to manage and cope with their health. It allows individuals to connect to their doctors via phone.

Applications like Vascoptic Medical Inc. allow us to track specific things that help with individuals suffering from diabetes.  According to the Diamond Back, "The company's engineers are working to create a diabetic monitor that allows people to record glucose levels, food intake and exercise, said CEO Jason Brooke".

The quantitative data allows an evaluation from a primary doctor, without having to send the data to a specialist for review. Some of the information gathered could allow people to manage their chronic illnesses mostly on their own, Pulim said.

Applications like Amwell: Live Doctor Visit Now Allows you to see a Doctor Anytime on your iPhone or iPad

If you are technology-savvy but still would prefer a more face-to-face visit with your doctor or physician, American Well's new mobile application may be more suited for you. "American Well is using HealthKit to track and share longitudinal health data in a video visit, physicians are able to perform clinical assessments, with the promise of lowered cost, improved outcomes and easier follow-up for home-bound patients."
"By bringing HealthKit insight to a live doctor visit, Amwell introduces a revolution in follow up and treatment of chronic patients," said Roy Schoenberg, MD, CEO of American Well
The classes will teach mobile health design and development and health information management and operations to students and professionals.

Download Amwell: Live Doctor Visit Now in the iTunes App Store and try it out for yourself.

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