Politicians face scrutiny over financial expenditures, causing a decrease in votes and campaign withdrawal

By Nicole Armstrong and Martin Costes, Row 2

 GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio is under investigation by the FBI due to inappropriate financial expenditures

During his two years as House Speaker, Rubio charged more than $100,000 to his GOP credit card for casual expenses, such as groceries and plane tickets.

College Park District one council Cory Sanders experiences similar theme of scrutiny of financial expenditures, and has lost votes due to questions of money spent on yard signs.

There have also been local occurrences of politicians facing scrutiny for undocumented financial reports. Cory Sanders “deemed to have withdrawn” from the College Park, District 1 Council Election due to undocumented financial expidentures.  Examples would be

$735.93 on yard signs.

“been emailed photos of the flyers [sic] and mailers that the voters were questioning.” He also wrote that Sanders has a website, “the cost of which was not reported

“regular printing paper that I’ve had awhile and didn’t represent a cost since the paper was purchased months in advance and not for campaign purpose.”

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