University Christian Outreach chapter hosts student-requested talks on leading a Christian college life

By Tessa Trach and Aaron Nadler

University Christian Outreach held a three-part discussion about balancing life as a college student with life as a Christian.

“The main focus of the series was to kind of express our mission of how to live as a Christian … that being a full-time student on a university campus, how does one go about living the Christian faith radically and quite visibly in the fast pace and often difficult life of a student,” said Charles Wesley, a university chapter Mission Director and the creator of the series. 

The series "How to Live as a Christian", held in the Margret Brent Room of Stamp, included topics of time management, students' lives and an open panel.

Series answers students' questions about academic issues, roommate conflicts and other issues related to Christian living.

In the first talk about time management, Jerel Merrill, a Mission Leader at this university’s chapter, spoke. “To exist well as college students, in order to serve Him well to our studies, we need to order our lives in a way that reflects that,” he said.

When speaking about students' lives in the second panel, it was discussed about how it's important to  make time for studying and other campus activities, while still making the Lord a priority. Some students related the discussion to Christian topics, like the story of Daniel.

Chelsea Duff, a volunteer staff member and senior early childhood education major, discussed how Daniel "was taken out of his home and living in enemy territory and how there is a lot of stuff in college that directly goes against being a Christian, making it difficult to live it out.”

Wesley said the final panel discussion included “how [the students] are supposed to defend [their Christian faith] and support it, and live out their faith in the context of everyday life situations.”

Students were able to ask personal questions about how to deal with academic and living struggles and everyday situations as a Christian.

In the past UCO held events, like "Love, Sex and Dating", to relate Christian views to other popular student topics.

This isn't the first time that UCO has hosted a discussion series for campus students. Last September UCO hosted a series called "Love, Sex and Dating". According to their website, UCO has also covered topics such as "God Doesn't Hate Ugly" and "Worship? Worth It!".

University Christian Outreach is an outreach of the Triumph of the Cross Community, according to their website. On the University of Maryland's organization site, their mission is "to provide students with opportunities to discover faith in God...through worship, community living and sharing with peers."

Visit their website to learn more about or get more involved with the organization.

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