University of Maryland’s Christian Outreach group proactively advocates maintaining faith on college campuses through series of talks

By Sandrita Borckardt and Kristina Dillard

Source: Hope College
The University of Maryland's Christian outreach chapter has taken a proactive role in ensuring Christian students feel comfortable expressing their faith on the college campuses. Through a series of talks called "How to Live as a Christian," held on Oct. 20, Oct. 27, and Nov. 3, the group focused on "advancing the Gospel and providing a close-knit group of people who are seeking to grow closer in the Lord." These talks had three main focuses, "The first being about time management and the second about students' lives. The final part was an open panel," said Merril, the mission leader of the chapter. Through these talks the group hoped to reach students of the Christian faith who were finding it difficult to defend and support their religious beliefs in a college setting. The University of Maryland supports this proactive advocacy of faith. However, this is not the case at all public

Religious Affairs on other public university campuses

According to an article, the University of Wisconsin came under fire in 2011 for improperly denying funding for some activities of a Roman Catholic student group. The issue of how much public universities should spend on funding religious students groups has become a big area of debate. Some say that religious groups shouldn't be treated the same as any other student run organization. this is an important topic to discuss, especially because there is data suggesting that there is a decline in Christian participation in religious groups on campuses. An article posted by The University of Central Florida states that in accordance with national trends, "the Wesley Foundation [a Christian faith group] has lost 36 percent of its members since 2007, when it say 125 students." In light of these declining numbers, students have taken matters into their own hands, and have started advocate their beliefs through other means, not just through groups on college campuses.

Students take on active role in promoting faith in college

Although some Christian groups struggle to promote their faith, Mike McQuitty discusses how college is the best place to do so. In this article, he talks about his own mission and joy in helping with campus ministry. He says, "Through these experiences, my heart for missions and college students continues to grow." College offers a great opportunity to spread the gospel from the large amount of people to a wide range of different cultures, college campuses offer a seed for Christianity to grow. McQuitty has experience working with college campuses, such as Syracuse University. He understands the struggle for Christian students to stand up for their beliefs, so he helps them form strong community to have each other. In addition, he assists students in expanding and spreading awareness of their faith. College campuses offer a rare opportunity for the gospel to be known. It is up to the students to believe. The Internet has been a strong advocate for Christian college students. While these students feel like the minority on a big campus, social media has allowed them to feel more connected to other believes. On @WhatIsJoeDoing's Twitter and Facebook account, he shares a video of tips on how a Christian Outreach group, he speaks to many of their concerns and Christian responsibilities.

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