University of Washington graduate discovers new brain to brain connection using EEG cap with potential for "mind reading"
     Researchers at the University of Washington might have found a breakthrough in technology. People talk about mind reading as if it were a dream and would never become a reality. The linking between the two brains can result in the person asking the questions knowing exactly what is on the mind of the person answering. A series of question and answers were asked, with it resulting in the correct responses by the inquirer.
     The new system has the first participant wearing an EEG (electroencephalagrophy) machine and the respondent being shown an object on the computer screen. The respondent is given a yes and no question and answers based on LED lights. Through the series of questions, the inquirer typically came out with the right answer. This is the researchers way of showing what other people are thinking through signals and putting this in the other person's brain.
     This study is only the first steps to translating what is going on in the human brain and sharing it with other people. Researcher Stocco says, "[...] we can only communicate part of whatever our brain processes". With these kind of strides, there is only room to move forward.

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