Virtuix Omni allows full emersion into a video game by focusing not only on your visuals but as well as your physical movements

Source: Virtuix
Virtuix Omni is a series of devices that allow the user to further their gaming experiences like never before. Intergraded devices focus on your visual and physical interactions, which until now has never been done and is claimed to give you a deeper emersion to the game.

The Omni platform, harness and Oculus Rift allow the user to not only experience a game as if it was in real life, but as well as feel it. The track pad and harness sense the individual’s movements in order to replicate it immediately to the video game character.  An example of this is if you want your character to run, you must run on the track pad yourself in order for the character to fully mimic you. Since there is a harness, the user can also sit down as his character is sitting in a car driving. This also will allow the user to physically crouch just as his virtual character does. 

The other key device is the Oculus Rift. The device is worn on the users head and allows the individual to see the game in a virtual reality rather just on his television screen.  

The product is being launched this quarter and has released videos of it being used on primarily shooter games. This application has been said that it can be used for several types of games and with its capabilities, it seems likely.

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