100 Nuclear Warheads Could Be Making Their Way From North Korea to the United States in 2020

North Korea has been been rushing to create 
missiles that can effectively act as a fighting 
force of nuclear weapons. They have done a 
lot of testing in the spring and summer that 
have failed but recently have released tapes
 (that otherwise could have stayed hidden) 
testing the capabilities of these missiles. The 
idea is to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and
 put it on top of a missile so that it can travel 
further distances, threatening most of the 
continental United States. At this time military 
experts believe that North Korea may be able to 
accumulate enough nuclear material to
missiles pose a great threat to the United States,
 prompting the head of Pacific Command to tell 
the Senate Armed Services Committee that "All the indications are that we need to be prepared to defend the homeland." Experts state that though some ground tests have been proven successful, North Korea is still years away from developing a long-range missile that is reliable. While the threat seems to be low at this time, military officials still worry about a "day of reckoning."

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