Autopilot Uber's? Trust the algorithm.

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Pittsburg are you ready?

Story Highlights

  • Uber launches self-driving cars
  • Located only in Pittsburgh
  • Widespread launch in near future

History has been made as just this past Monday, Uber launched the highly anticipated self-driving cars and the residents of the Hill-City were the first to experience and test it out. For many this might still seem to be a dream but that fantasy is finally being turned into reality.
Thanks to Algorithms this concept that most people have dreamed about can finally become real. The experience has been called "Frightening and exhilarating" many questions still point towards the fact that a computer is doing the work of a human
There seems to be a lot of debate on the safety of the car, especially on how it actually works? The car works by using radars and sensors that allow it to know when to brake when to speed up, and when to turn. It's still a work in progress but Uber has made the experience available to those in the city of Pittsburgh. People can now get behind the wheel of a ford fusion and test out this new technology.

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