Black Students At American University Are Being Harassed

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Rotten banana's thrown at black young women at American University

Black students at American University have reported that they have been harassed by a group of white students on campus. On September 8th, a group of white males whose identity have not yet made public threw a rotten banana at a black female student while she was sitting in her dorm room. Ma'at Sargeant, president of the school's Black Student Alliance said to news that this wasn't the first time this has occurred on campus. A freshman named Neah Gray who also lives on the same dorm floor has reported to the Washington Post that a similar incident has happened to her. She told news that rotten bananas were left outside her dorm room along with drawings of penises. Young black woman have been the main target of these harassment especially those who live on campus. 

Picture says "#TheRealAU uses black wowen for target practice."
Students react on social media and on campus
Students on campus have reacted and responded to these harassment by posting signs all over campus and tweeting #TheRealAU, students are outraged that administration are not doing anything about the issue and have let it happen multiple times. Jada Bell, outreach coordinator for the Black Student Alliance has said that these young black women are "literally being attacked and assaulted on campus, and there's nothing being done about it by the administration." 

This is not the first time racist incidents have happened at American University over the past year. The Yik Yak post where Black students were called for a slave auction on campus and also another post that told African American students to go back to Africa. 

Students upset about the racist act on campus

Students have spoken out against this racist act by posting on social media and also making it known on campus that this is still a problem in our society today. American University is known for their diversity, especially since it is located in the heart of the nations Capital. The University finally spoke out and released a statement this Friday explaining that they understand the concern students have towards this incident. The university has also said that the police have started an investigation. On Friday afternoon a town hall was held to discuss the incident with student body.

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