Congress Passes Bill Allowing Families of 9/11 Victims to sue Saudi Arabia

Families of 9/11 victims could soon be able to seek legal action against Saudi Arabia for the terrorist attack almost 15 years ago. The bill passed by Congress will now be sent to President Obama to decide whether or not the it will be signed into law. If this bill is passed, courts will be able to, "waive claims to foreign sovereign immunity for cases involving terrorist attacks" in the United States. The president plans to veto the bill stating that the passing of this bill could hurt relations with Saudi Arabia. President Obama could even pocket-veto the bill as Congress plans to go out of session at the end of September. Members of the senate plan to block the pocket-veto by holding pro forma sessions while Congress is out of session.

Saudi Arabia plans to retaliate if Bill passed into law

After the Senate passed the bill back in April, the Saudi Arabia government announced that United States government would have to face consequences if the bill was passed into law. Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell around $750 billion worth of treasury securities and American assets if the bill is passed. Many members from Congress and Senate believe that Saudi Arabia bluffing because selling off that many assets would cause the global market to suffer, leaving the blame on the country's officials. 

Officials from Saudi Arabia state that there is no evidence showing they helped fund the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Obama believes that this bill could cause problems for Americans who are oversee, by getting rid of legal immunity. This bill could also lead to other nations creating legislation that takes away international immunity.

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