Facebook Has The Ability To Fix The Uncertainty In Your Relationship

Facebook monitoring can either increase or decrease relationship certainty depending on how your significant other choses to use it. Being aware that your significant other is monitoring your Facebook gives you the control to make them perceive the relationship in a certain way. If you chose to post videos or statuses that make them feel more secure of your commitment towards them, your relationship can grow stronger in certainty and help your significant other imagine a positive future together. On the other hand, if you chose to ignore their monitoring or want to be deliberately inconsiderate of their certainty in the relationship, then many Facebook post can create that as well. Facebook just like many other forms of social media, now give their users the power to manipulate their significant others without even having to say any direct words to him or her. 

Physical Interaction Takes The Back Seat To Social Media 

As technology continues to expand and improve, relationships have been impacted dramatically. Many studies have been conducted to help us analyze the effects postings on Facebook have had in the termination of a relationship. It is natural for society to evolve with technology, and therefore, put more importance on social media when it comes to expectations from their significant other. However, cutting down the actual physical interaction and allowing others to get involved in your personal relationship is what has had people on edge about Facebook's power.  What we don't want as a society, is technology to be able to deteriorate the core of what makes relationships work. 


In contrast, there has been studies shown that Facebook postings actually have to ability to help strengthen some relationships, if the individuals focus on putting positive things about the significant other knowing that they will be monitoring it. Since posting can be interpreted in anyway, people in a relationship can become uncertain of the intentions behind their significant other's postings. If one person's post videos or statuses to make the significant other feel more certain, then the relationship could actually become stronger. 

Staying Informed About The Effects Facebook Has On Your Relationship Is A Key Aspect To Healthy Communication

Communication is an imperative element in all relationships and Facebook's way to express it is no different. You must be aware of all the ways Facebook can effect the certainty and security your significant other has in your relationship. This must be addressed and both of you guys must come to an agreement, if you don't want to let Facebook get the best of your relationship. Communicating is hard and technology opens so many new forms of communication, which only makes it more challenging. If a healthy relationship is the goal, then staying informed is a must. The more couples communicate about Facebook, the less likely expectations will be misguided and unaccomplished. 

Facebook's Correlation With Relationships Transmits To Friendships and Well-Being

It is easy to have copious amounts of friends on Facebook. However, how many of those friends actually will provide with social support in reference to your well-being? The issue with social media friends, such as Facebook ones, is that most are curious about your lifestyle, but not genuinely concerned for your overall well-being like our physical interactive friends would be. Most people do feel a positive correlation between the amount of Facebook friends they have and their self-esteem. This in turn makes it easier for the individual to have a better well-being. However, this can only last so long before a tough obstacle hits in life, and the individual then realizes that these copious amounts of Facebook friends are not ready to help at any moment. In addition, people don't feel comfortable posting all their hardships on Facebook, so many people are unaware that one of their many Facebook friends are experiencing a low point in life. 

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