Fashion Designers are Opting to Sell Designs at their Runway Shows due to an Increase in the Use of Technology and Social Media

Gone are the days where you once had to wait to get designs from the runway. Designers are now making their clothes available for purchase straight from the runway. Fashion shows are used to showcase clothing and articles the designer will be coming out with the next season, but they are now also allowing the audience to purchase the articles straight from the runway. New York Fashion Week has adopted this trend and is now allowing the audience to buy the clothing they want directly after a runway show so that the consumer does not have to wait.

Many times after a designer showcases their work, pictures are released to the public from the audience allowing clothing companies, such as Forever 21 to make a replica of a Rebecca Minkoff dress for cheaper than what the designer would sell it for. Allowing the consumer to buy the clothing directly after the show will put the clothing on the consumer (creating a walking advertisement) and also get consumers to buy the designer product before cheaper brands have the time to replicate and sell it.

Fashion Influencers and Bloggers play a large role in promoting designers, making shows more accessible to “the average person” by broadcasting them via social media

Social media has played a large role in brands developing this new runway show technique. Before social media was around, the audience of shows were primarily celebrities, journalists, and fashion critics. Now the audience has expanded to the everyday person and also to social media bloggers and influencers, making the designs on the runway more open to the public and widely broad-casted or live-streamed over these platforms. Putting designer fashions on bloggers and influencers and inviting them to the show is a way to promote their brand and encouraged them to get their designs out faster, as young adults look up to these blogs more than they do to magazines. Using these bloggers as promoters and not having such an exclusive guest list, means that photos of the designs are easily spread on line, creating the opportunity for other brands to steal the ideas first.

People are turning more to social media and social media influencer’s for style inspiration and product recommendations and looking less to magazines and celebrities. Social media is becoming a larger fashion and beauty platform because it easy and free to access, anyone can post content, making the posts seem more
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relatable, achievable, and trustworthy. Companies are also realizing this and are sending more PR packages, products, payments, and event tickets than ever to these influencers in hope to bring awareness to their brand and advertise for them.  The graphic to the right shows if and how companies are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing in the next year, which is the process of using popular social media presences to use, advertise, and review products.

Technology has also allowed designers to create their designs on computer based systems, rather than having to hand sketch each look. These programs to help simulate prototypes of a design. The designer is able to see the outfit on different body types and see how to make the clothing fit correctly. These then get sent to other designers or companies to mass produce the item to sell. With technology, these designers and companies receive the designs faster, and can have machines assist them in creating the clothing, processing the entire thing in a very small amount of time, compared to sewing and placing everything by hand.  These clothes can then be brought to the runway show to sell and placed in stores directly after.

Beauty Brands are also selling their products at runway shows so the customer can recreate the entire look

Beauty brands are also jumping on the bandwagon, allowing new cosmetic products to be available after the show. This allows the consumer to not only recreate the makeup and hairstyles they saw, but also allows them to buy the cosmetics and clothing together, allowing them to immediately recreate the looks they loved, and less likely to forget about a product they had seen and noted to buy in the future when it is released.

Allowing consumers to immediately buy their products is a business savvy move. As the amount of technology surrounding us increases and gets faster, the consumer becomes accustomed with receiving what they want quickly and when they want it.  They do not want to have to wait a few months when the designer or business decides they can have a product, leading them to look elsewhere to obtain it. Putting out the clothing directly after a runway show 

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