Google is making their own phone that will likely be more affordable than Apple and Samsung devices, yet still very high-quality

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Although Google is responsible for developing Android software, Google is not known for making phones and their hardware themselves. That will change this October when Google will reportedly be releasing two new phones called the "Pixel" and "Pixel XL", both of which will have hardware and software completely designed by Google.

Consumers want their lives to be as simple as possible, so when looking to buy a new phone, often first look at the latest iPhone or Samsung phone. Consumers have built trust in these brands and, as a result, Apple and Samsung devices have become the default standard in the technology industry. However, Google is now providing another and likely more affordable alternative in the Pixel. Google is an immensely popular, recognizable, and reliable brand that may be appealing enough to convince users to try a new phone of choice.

iPhone's are wonderful phones, but they are too expensive for everyone in the world to buy

As of 2016, 86.2% of people worldwide use an Android device while 12.9% of people use an iOS device. Why is this? For many years prior to the expected launch of the Pixel phones, Google worked with different hardware manufacturers like Motorola and HTC to create a phone series called "Nexus." These Nexus phones were Google's previous attempt to build quality Android phones that were affordable for everyone in the world. A Nexus 6P, the most expensive Nexus device from the Google Store, costs just $499 while the iPhone 7 Plus costs $769 from the Apple Store. Just looking at the difference in the price of the two phones, it seems obvious that many people, especially from poorer areas and countries, simply cannot afford an iPhone. 

The Pixel phones will not only have some of the best hardware, but also dedicated customer support by Google

The Pixel phone series is Google's fresh start into making their own devices and, if they build a great phone with popular advertising, they may have a chance to steal some iOS users, especially in the United States. The Pixel phones will reportedly have some of the best hardware available, equipped with great camera resolutions and an extremely fast processor. This most likely means that the Pixel phones will have to be more expensive; however, if they are anything like Nexus phones, then we should expect them to still be affordable.

Today, users expect great support for anything they buy, which is one reason many users typically turn to Apple when they want a new device. They know that they can depend on the iPhone to be a premium phone with great customer support. However, with this new line of Pixel phones, users may start thinking twice about buying an iPhone or Samsung phone.

Similarly to the iPhone, you can rely on Pixel phones to be given consistent and timely software updates from Google

There is an immense selection of Android devices and Android phones are positively associated with their variety and uniqueness, but as a consequence, they can have limited support from their manufacturers and even software support. Android phones initially became popular due to the ability for any company to use the Android operating system to make a custom phone for consumers.

By not having to worry as much about the software, companies could produce very cheap phones for consumers who aren't looking for a high-end device. The downside to this is that these custom phones can take a long time to download important Android software updates which improve the phone's security and design. 
Android software update distribution. Source:
In fact, if you look at the distribution of the latest Android and iOS software updates, only 18.7% of users are using the most recent released update (Android 6.0) while 88% of iOS users are using iOS 9This is significant because Android 6.0 and iOS 9 were both released in September 2015, yet a significantly larger portion of iOS users have their security bug fixes.

Google will be in complete control of the phone's build quality, hardware, and software so they should be the first phones to get the latest bug fixes and software updates. With their rebranding, stylish advertising, and demand for complete control of a whole phone's build process, Google is proving that they have a newfound commitment to make their Pixel phone a heavy competitor to other phones.

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