Implementing Eye Tracking and Sensors to Keep Drivers Alert

General Motors will be releasing a Super Cruise Cadillac with a semi-autonomous driving system in 2017, that contains eye sensing technology, and intercom system, and the ability for the car to momentarily steer for you. This is in efforts to reduce the amount of crashes and to help keep
the driver awake and alert. If the system sense you are tired or closing your eyes a lot, it will try to wake you up using various alerts. When this does not work the system will begin to communicate over an intercom to alert the driver. If all these methods fail, the car will automatically pull over to the side of the road and stop itself to help prevent an accident from occurring. The car was scheduled to be released earlier, however was delayed due to perfecting the system and the way it works with the driver.
A big question being raised about this system is privacy concerns. General Motors does claim to collect personal information to be able to operate and run the system for each driver, however they only share it with the drivers consent. One important thing to know about this system is it currently only available on most highways with detailed maps, and once the driver leaves the highway the Super Cruise system will shut down and not be available until on the next highway, so this system may only be beneficial for those who travel a lot or have many highways where they live.

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