New Development Coming to College Park With Goals of Redefining the College Town

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The hotel, a new startup incubator, and new restaurants are just few new developments currently under construction in College Park.  President Loh (University of Maryland, College Park President) recently created the Greater College Park initiative in hopes of transforming College Park into one of the most desirable college towns.

Greater College Park Provides New Hotel and Conference Center
The new Hotel, developed by Southern Management Corporation, is the focal point in attracting new clientele to College Park.  This 4-Star hotel will provide 300 rooms, over 43,000 square feet of meeting space, a rooftop banquet hall and four different restaurants to name a few.  With goals of attracting wealthy clientele and businesses to the hotel brings a new form of cash flow into the city.  With new and frequent visitors to The Hotel the money generated will further the development of College Park.

Mr Reid Danels and his opinion on The Hotel

New Startup Incubator to Transform College Park into the New Silicon Valley
President/CEO Scott Plank of War Horse is int he midst of developing College Park's newest startup/innovation center.  Currently, University of Maryland startups have very few resources within College Park to support their company leading to them to relocate to other cities.  Companies like Google and Oculus are both widely successful companies that began at the University of Maryland, College Park.   With the development of this new startup/innovation center, College Park's biggest aspiration is to keep local startups in College Park instead of moving away.  naturally this will pump more income into the city allowing further development and providing new amenities with the intent of making College Park more renowned across the nation.

New and Improved Restaurants Like Fat Pete's Barbecue Along Route 1 Brings New Life to the College Park Food Scene
Fat Pete's Barbecue, considered D.C's best new barbecue joint, is one of a number of new restaurants arriving to College Park.  Other restaurants such as Nandos Peri Peri, which opened earlier this year, and Kapnos, a Mediterranean Tapas Restaurant owned by Celebrity Chef Mike Isabella, are transforming College Park into one of the newest restaurant destinations.  With retail being one of the biggest driving forces of the modern day economy, providing these new options for food will create a new and positive stigma for the Greater College Park.
Mr Ryan Klasky discussing his excitement for Fat Pete's

The Arrival of the Purple Line
The Purple Line, the new light rail metro line that will connect such cities as College Park directly to cities such as Silver Spring and Bethesda.  With Silver Spring and Bethesda situated along the red line, the most used metro line, there is now a direct connection between College Park and a large amount of metro commuters.  This project will promote ease of travel to and from College Park thus promoting more visitors from surrounding counties.

New Construction, New Space, and More Money for College Park
There are currently around 30 ongoing development projects around College Park and on Campus.  between these projects there is over 1.5 million square feet of development.  These new developments are receiving both public and private investments totaling over one billion dollars.  This rapid development through he city marks one of the biggest and most expensive changes occurring in College Park.

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