New DNA Nanobots Meant to Seek and Eliminate Cancer Cells, Bacteria and other Pathogens Tested in Cockroaches

In the near future, researchers hope to use tiny robots made up of DNA to destroy cancer cells, bacteria and other pathogens. These robots are small enough to flow easily through any bloodstream due to their own propulsion systems and have amazing abilities due to technological advancements. They can administer chemotherapy 1000 times more powerful than any drug and without the harmful side effects. Because they are made up of DNA they can act as our body's own original white blood cells and therefore cause no harmful immune system response.

The Accuracy Comparable to a Computer Processor

Around a year ago these bots were tested in cockroaches. The DNA bots were made so when they come in contact with a protein, they unravel. If the DNA was carrying a certain molecule that was meant to destroy a cancerous cell for example, when the DNA came into contact with that cell, it would unravel, releasing the cancer killing molecule with it thus destroying the cancerous cell. The bots were labeled with fluorescence to track them. The results of the experiment proved the accuracy of these bots for finding and destroying a molecule that meant to harm the cockroaches. Researchers are hoping to implement these nanobots into humans in the near future.

Preliminary Trials to Start on Humans in the Next Five Years

Although Nanobot technology is fairly new, it has technologically advanced in a multitude of ways.

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