Newly implemented liquid refrigerant systems is expected to save millions of gallons in New Mexico and Colorado data storage.

-A new liquid refrigerant expected to save 4 to 5 million gallons of water is going to be tested in Colorado.

Currently a lot of data centers use a method of evaporation to cool their system, but this requires a lot of water to be replaced. Some centers like the Colorado National Renewable Energy Laboratory have decided to switch to liquid refrigerant which will drastically reduce the amount of water used in the cooling process.

Patent and investigation on the Liquid Refrigerant process.
The reason why investigation has been done on the liquid refrigerant process was out of a need for optimization of controlling the system. By changing the process from a three phase (where the refrigerant went from vapor, to vapor-liquid, to liquid ) to a two phase vapor heat transition. In conclusion the article discussed that in order to truly improve liquid refrigeration, an investigation on the liquid refrigerant in the compressor(vapor to liquid), and performance of the compressor when it is subjected to liquid refrigerant at lower temperature than normal.

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