North Korea One Step Closer to Becoming a Nuclear Power, Leaving US with Uncomfortable Stance

North Korea announced another nuclear test showing more promise into them becoming a nuclear state.  The United States have been very adamant with North Korea not further developing their nuclear program.  As of now, the sanctions put upon North Korea by the US to discourage North Korea from furthering its nuclear program has not been working.  The US must decide on what to do now, to either put stronger sanctions or negotiations.  The problem with sanctions have been a result of China continuing trade with North Korea, allowing the economy to not feel the impact of the sanctions as much.  So for further sanctions to work, the US must negotiate with China to prevent trade with North Korea.  It is also a possibility to negotiate with North Korea to stop even though North Korea said themselves they will negotiate but stopping the program is not an option, but the US can possibly use a reward system like pass presidents to prevent further development. Either way the US is at an awkward position.

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