Nutritionists and Public Opinion Disagree on How Healthy Foods Really Are.

With more and more people now shopping more organically at places such as Whole Foods or Fairway Market, they believe that they are getting the best, most healthy foods out there. But how healthy are the foods we actually eat? Nutritionists and public opinion have differences in what is considered to be healthy for you. The differences aren't major, but foods such as frozen yogurt, granola/granola bars, and coconut oil are believed to be very "healthy"by high public opinion. The differences between the two groups lie around a 40% differential. Less than half of the nutritionists questioned believe granola actually is good for you. To show how little the public really knows about health and the foods they consume, foods (and drinks) such as shrimp, sushi, quinoa, hummus, and wine are not considered to be that healthy for you while nutritionists claim they are significantly more healthful. This differential may be because of the mixed messages that these foods in the American diet mainstream circulating around the internet from article to article.
Knowing Why and How the Foods are Healthy 
Cooking different healthy dishes isn't tricky if you know what you're doing. Someone can easily take a healthy food such as chicken, which is considered to be healthful by both nutritionists and the public American people, but then deep fry it and it loses some value. It was once believed that cooking with oils and fats are unhealthy and were told to steer clear of such ingredients, however, now we know that certain fats, such as olive oil, are influential in a healthful diet. Understanding that some foods are very good for you is great, but eating such foods, for example, celery or blueberries multiple times a day can have a negative effect on the body.

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