Standardized Test Scores on the Rise for a Low Income DC School

Ketchum Elementary has improved scores by much more than the DC average in spite of financial barriers.
Ketcham Elementary School, despite various obstacles with its low income student population, has managed to improve scores of 4 or 5 on the PARCC test by 5% in English and Language Arts and 18% in Math. Both of these increases are larger than DC's overall improvement on the exams. The school does everything in its power to overcome the problems its students face when it comes to learning, and because of this they rank among the top improved schools in the District. They shuttle children to and from school that have no other means of getting there, setting individual improvement goals for each student, and hold after education based after school activities which a third of the student body participates in.

Ketcham has a variety of programs to allow students and their families to focus on their educations.
The schools accommodates the needs of its students beyond education, so they can better focus and learn in the classroom. Ketcham has washing machines for uniforms, teachers give students backpacks and hosts a food drive, and in general fosters goodwill with parents. All students qualify for free or reduced lunch, most are at risk of not graduating, and almost a fifth of the student body is homeless and lives in a nearby dangerous shelter. This unlikely school has created an environment among its students that allows them to improve their education in a situation where their future is usually bleak.

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