Philip Targonski
September 10, 2016

Mets Sign Tebow to Minor League Deal

It's official.  The great Florida Gator quarterback, Tim Tebow, has traded his football spikes for baseball spikes.  This shows how truly athletic and determined Tim Tebow is.  Tebow is looking forward to getting to work as soon as possible.  The Mets announced that Tebow will participate in the Instructional League to begin.  There was a lot of speculation that Tebow was signed by the Mets merely for marketing considerations.  Meaning that he was signed to increase ticket sales, jersey sales, and overall popularity among the league.  The Mets GM Sandy Alderson spoke out denying those rumors and saying that Tebow was signed strictly for baseball.  To be fair, Tebow showed a ton of promise at the tryout he took part in demonstrating his ability to track fly balls in the outfield well and also showed off his strong arm we all knew about from his football days.  Time will only tell as to whether or not Tim Tebow can make it as a professional baseball player.
Tebow's Baseball Statistics
Because Tim Tebow's baseball career just recently took off and he is only playing in the Instructional League, there are no stats available yet for Tebow.  However, Tebow's high school baseball statistics were dug up and they were impressive.  In his junior season, Tebow batted .494 with four home runs and 30 runs batted in.  Tebow's coach said that Tebow was as good a baseball player as he was a football player.  He believed Tebow could have played in both sports professionally.

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