Satellite Images Show the Exponential Growth of Syrian Refugees on the Jordan Border

Video footage and satellite images taken from aerial devices show 75,000 people stranded on the Jordan-Syrian border. The informal refugee camp is located in the desert, al-Rukban, between both the countries. Since June, thousands of refugees have been stranded in the desert without humanitarian aid.

Jordan has blocked their borders since June because of a suicide bombing that killed several members of their security force through a humanitarian opening. Jordan’s minster of the state closed all openings between the Syrian border.

Remote Satellite Images Show Makeshift Camps and Graves are Growing as Millions Flee 

Activist and images from remote satellites confirm thousands of refugees are suffering, with hundreds of makeshift graves having been made since the cut off of aid. Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International, notes that this situation is because of the failure of the world not taking responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis.

Thousands of refugees are being trapped in informal camps in the desert with little to no food and are suffering from avoidable illnesses. Countries that border Syrian have approximately taken in millions of refugees. Many of these developing countries already have limited resources as it is.                                                                                                            
                                                                                             Source:Tribal Council of Palmyra and Badia

Millions of refugees are reported to never return back home or could take many decades to come back after being displaced. Because of the ongoing civil war, their home is no longer livable. Millions are fleeing to other countries and refugee camps, other than this specific one. Very little of the refugee camps outside the border of the countries are formally made. Most of the world is still very apprehensive about taking in Syrian refugees or unaware of how severe the situation is.    

The thousands of deaths and suffering could be reduced with further international aid. Because of the blockage of this refugee camp, humanitarians and activists can not give a specific of those that have died. From satellite imagery alone, the number of refugees who have left Syria to enter the neutral zone have grown into the thousands.

Humanitarians are Asking for Global Leaders to Take Some Responsibility for the Global Refugee Crisis 

In less than one year, shelters in the camp went from 368 to over 8,295. Even though the border into Jordan has been closed off, Syrian refugees still leave their home to come to al-Rukban because of the civil war that is currently happening. The conflict is not getting better, but worse.

Hassan understands that security is an issue but trapping refugees in the desert with very little resources is not humane. It is not just the job of Jordan and neighboring countries, but also the responsibility of the world to aid in the refugee crisis. Countries should take security precautions but not closed the border off completely. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Source:Tribal Council of Palmyra and Badia

Resettlement is Another Solution Other than Refugee Camps

There are nearly daily reports of destruction happening in Syria. Massive amounts of bombings and attacks have covered the country. Having millions come back to a war-ridden country or staying in undersupplied camps is currently not the best and viable option. Resettlement of refugees who want to leave and create a new life elsewhere has historic been an achievable action. With thousands of refugees being stranded and in danger, other solutions must be put into action now. 

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