College High: Students Are Using More Marijuana, Fewer Opioids

         High school students and young adults are much less likely to use illicit drugs than their parents, according to data released Thursday. And compared to baby boomers, young adults today look like outright angels. Except for their acceptance of marijuana, that is. This most recent iteration shows that people in their 40s and 50s used far more drugs in their youth than do people in their teens and 20s today. In fact, young people have been increasingly shunning psychoactive substances for a while now. The negative messages about cannabis are rare on social media. And negative opinions or information about other drugs floating on the Internet could make them seem more
dangerous. Shortly after synthetic marijuana, also called spice, became popular, videos on YouTube and Twitter showed terrifying effects the drug had on users. The use of the Internet has certainly increased information exchange from objective sources and other people the same age. The decline right now could just be setting the stage for another resurgence of illegal drug use. As we're seeing a period of decline in illicit drugs, there's less attention to the issue, and young people grow up knowing less about why they shouldn't use them.
  (via:NPR news)                                                                                                                                              

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