The iPhone 7 is the Most Advanced Apple Phone Ever Created

The iPhone Gets a New Outfit for Fall

September. While the month brings about many things: the beginning of the autumn, the start of the school, the last quarter of the calendar, etc. perhaps one of the most exciting anticipated events that historically occur in the month is the release of the newest iPhone model. The highest grossing phone in history recently unveiled its seventh generation update recently, and displayed a collection of new features that set it apart from its previous models. One of the most significant changes to the iPhone 7 lies within its appearance, where Jet Black -- an all new colorway -- made its debut. While the iPhone has not had a solid black chassis since the iPhone 5, this new colorway offers customers a glossy black finish that gives a smooth and sleek look to the smartphone.
There was speculation about Apple introducing a navy colorway with the 7th iteration of their flagship product, but the Jet Black was the newest addition to the existing black matte, gold, silver, and rose gold collection. Although this is the greatest change in regards to the appearance of the iPhone, many updates on the interior of the phone really show how Apple has elevated this model above its predecessors.

What's Under the Hood?

The recent release of the iPhone 7 also introduced many performance upgrades to the already popular Apple phone. One of the largest improvements to the iPhone will be the A10 processor chip -- Apple's fastest processor to date. This new chip will give users incredibly fast speeds when using applications, and especially during multitasking. This A10 chip makes the iPhone 7 the quickest and highest performing iPhone ever released; beating out Apple’s 2013 model of the Apple Pro -- the company’s signature professional-performance computer. Along with updating the processor chip in the iPhone 7,  Apple has doubled the amount of RAM space in the phone, which adds to the iPhone's increased performance and speed. Additional RAM also allows users to run multiple applications at the same time without any lag, because the phone can more efficiently allocate phone resources when using various apps. Here is a more in depth review of the brand new A10 chip.Two times the amount of random access memory really give the iPhone its powerful multitasking abilities because applications now have much more memory to work with. Every iPhone iteration has increased processing speed, but none have come close to the engine that the A10 and 2GB RAM space provide the iPhone 7.

The (iPhone) 7 Deadly Sins

Like any major product launch, there can never be new updates without some negatives or some controversy. While the iPhone 7 wins over the masses with its sleek appearance and lightning fast speeds, there are additional features that leave some hesitating to upgrade. The greatest controversy with the release of the iPhone 7 is that Apple has removed the headphone jack. A second internal speaker has been put in lieu of the port, giving the phone clearer sound quality and a more stereoscopic range. But I, as well as many, are left wondering why I am not able to use my headphones, or auxiliary cables anymore. Many see this more as a hassle than a benefit, and can no longer plug in their favorite pair of headphones.

Another new features is that the iPhone is water resistant -- not waterproof. While it is meant to withstand water to a certain degree, many are left wondering why the phone was not made entirely waterproof. The headphone jack was already sacrificed, and it just looks like Apple didn’t fully flesh out this new update. While these two vices are significant, some say that they are not major enough to discourage them from purchasing the iPhone 7.

How does the iPhone 7 Affect Our Lives?

While the majority of people focus on all of the new features that every new smartphone iteration brings about, it is important to also step back and realize how much smartphones, like the iPhone, have impacted our own lives. Victoria Herring describes in GPSolo how integral her iPhone is in her life, and how Apple products play a part in her everyday world. The iPhone is the best selling product in the world and in history, and Apple’s signature phone has changed the way people live their lives. We constantly are receiving information, checking application updates, and even increasing productivity by using our phones. In addition, we get a plethora of news and updates, we are able to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, and always have something to check on these pocket sized computers. The iPhone bridges personal and professional lives together, and nobody knows what the next iteration, or the iteration in 10 years, will bring. But for now, we have the iPhone 7: the sleekest, fastest, and most advanced smartphone that Apple has ever created.

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