The Progression of Deep Space Travel

In recent years, NASA has pushed for the development of space travel, more specifically sending humans into deep space. Before doing so, the proper technology must be developed and tested prior to committing to this type of mission. NASA has been working on the Orion Spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS). The difference with the Orion Spacecraft compared to previous spacecrafts is that it will deploy solar arrays known as the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS). This advancement in space propulsion technology will allow the spacecraft to leave Earth's orbit and travel its mission's desired course of 3 weeks. In addition, the incorporation of the ICPS will deploy several small satellites known as CubeSats. These will allow NASA to further test the environments of space and send back data that will ultimately lead to benefit other missions such as the desired plan to have a man on Mars. 

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