The World Health Organization is Promoting Dangerous and Unproven Alternative Medicines to Cut Costs

Alternative medicines do not go through the same rigorous testing as their more traditional counterparts, and several herbs and supplements have been found to cause harmful, irreversible, and potentially fatal effects.

Some of these supplements have been traditionally used for centuries in various cultures around the world. Use in these cultures has actually increased over the years, and use in western nations has increased as well.

The World Health Organization's Protocol Encourages Integration of Alternative Medicines

The increased use of alternative medicines is partly due to the World Health Organization enacting a protocol encouraging alternative medicines in developing and developed countries. The protocol was put into place in the early 2000s, and has actually been extended in 2013. Its goal was to lessen the cost of medicine, but recent reports have surfaced which not only argue the efficacy of the treatments, but the safety of the treatments as well.

As noted by the interview below, the World Health Organization has a very strong influence on people's opinions. His decision to take alternative medicines was solely dependent on the fact that the World Health Organization was promoting them. This large and powerful influence has to be used to the best ability for the benefit of everyone involved.

The protocol established creates a huge gap between the biomedical community that thrives on creating new and better drugs, and the actual distributors of medicine. Medicine is a rapidly evolving topic, and without tests and trials we would not have vaccines and antibiotics today that are saving millions of lives. Therefore, this protocol hampers the effectiveness of the medical community and unjustly misleads the patients awaiting the best treatment possible.

Alternative Medicines are Scientifically Ineffective and Potentially Fatal to Many

Source: Daniel Shats
Alternative medicines and toxic herbs have contributed to kidney damage, liver failure, and even cancer. The danger of these seemingly harmless and helpful natural remedies has been gravely overlooked by the WHO, and the outrageous promotion should at least be validated with scientific and statistical certainty.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, emergency room visits have increased by over 627% since 2004. The symptoms range from everything including allergic reactions to overdoses of nutrients.

In fact, the British Journal of Cancer stated that alternative medicines are incredibly dangerous to people already susceptible to certain diseases. The findings of a study generated astonishing results, given that 12.2% of alternative medicine users were ultimately issued health warnings by the pharmacy. Particular danger was reported in users that took echinacea, as it was linked to a form of lymphoma, a type of cancer, in those with weaker immune systems.

The Correct Guideline for the Future of Medicine Calls for Scientific Rigor and Enhanced Education

The World Health Organization's influence is certainly daunting. The authoritative and established nature of the organization should be used for good, and the lack of scientific rigor in their judgement is astonishing. The goal of the United Nations is to promote unity and peace, while it seems that the World Health Organization is only fueled by cutting corners in developing nations.

Instead of focusing on decreasing the quality of medicine, the World Health Organization should focus on revamping the healthcare system in these countries. Healthcare is a fundamental right of every living human, so a productive system has to be developed.

Alternative medicines are stuck in the past, and they mislead the providing family members. Therefore, a thorough and comprehensive education system, especially for mothers and primary caregivers, is necessary to avoid the complications of taking bad medicine.

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