Uber set to launch self driving cars soon. But Idea is more frightening than beneficial.

Man looking down at the Uber's fleet of automated cars
Story Highlights

  • Uber launches new self driving cars.
  • Cons of automated driving cars outweigh the pros.
  • Computer operated cars will have a serious impact on jobs.
  • CDC stats about teen driver accidents can increase with the new cars.

Uber company is asking a lot out of their customers, since they released their new self-driving cars the reactions have been mixed. Some people think it's great that we'll soon have the ability to use a car that doesn't require a driver, others see it as a death wish because one is trusting their life in the hands of algorithms, scanners, and sensors. Seems to be a huge risk for trusting a computer to do something humans have been doing for centuries. As of now Uber has 2 staff members in every car but their ultimate goal is to have a car with no one but the passenger.

What is it like to drive the new autopilot Uber's?

Image of how the self driving uber sensors work
History was made just recently as Uber launched the highly anticipated self-driving cars and the residents of the Hill-City were the first to experience and test it out. For many this might still seem to be a dream but that fantasy is finally being turned into reality.

Thanks to Algorithms this concept that most people have dreamed about can finally become real. The experience has been called "Frightening and exhilarating" many questions still point towards the fact that a computer is doing the work of a humanThe car itself uses advanced technology that allows it to operate. 

The car is equipped with twenty cameras, seven lasers and a rooftop mounted G.P.S, which allows it to stand out. Once entering the backseat passengers are able to use a tablet that is used for navigation. It also has the ability to slow down and brake by itself 

Self driving Uber's pose a safety threat, which makes them dangerous to society.

Even though these new self driving cars might seem like a great advancement in our technology the idea is more terrifying than one may think. Uber has programed these cars to drive like a teenager who is going for a drivers test. So in other words these new self driving Uber's although computer controlled don't have the skills to adapt to surroundings. Such as changing lanes wen you notice something up ahead, instead the car will come to a complete stop and that can become an issue because of traffic in populated cities.

So they can't go above any set speed limit, they aren't able to drive like humans, which can pose a big problem. For example that would mean the amount of teen drivers could possibly increase greatly in the next couple of years. And if the amount of teen driver's increases then so does the rate of car accidents. And another implication these cars have is the fact that the number of jobs that stand a threat to being lost is immense. Companies like Uber and Lyft have mad a fortune by allowing most people with a license and a car to earn money, that may be over with once these self automated cars start becoming normal.

There seems to be a lot of debate on the safety of the car, especially on how it actually works? The car works by using radars and sensors that allow it to know when to brake when to speed up, and when to turn. It's still a work in progress but Uber has made the experience available to those in the city of Pittsburgh. People can now get behind the wheel of a ford fusion and test out this new technology.

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