Veterans Use Marijuana to Treat PTSD Symptoms

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Veterans have confessed to their doctors that the cure to their PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms is marijuana. Although there are hundreds of medication out to treat PTSD, these patients have reported that many of them dislike the way they feel on the meds they take to manage their anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and flashbacks.

30 million Americans have reported usage of marijuana in the past year. Although marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug in the US, studies have shown that the use have doubled since 2002. 2.9% of those surveyed have reported using marijuana to treat medical disorders.

Doctors are now more interested in researching marijuana and how it treats diseases
Half of the US has legalized medical marijuana to treat variety of diseases. Because of this many doctors are now interested in learning more about what the true impact of the drug has on people. However, because it is still a Schedule 1 drug many scientific research and data is hard to obtain. In order to do research, scientists need to get approval from multiple federal departments. Approval is known to be rare.

Marijuana legality in the United States, Picture was found on the Global Medicine website

Marijuana is used to treat different variety of medical issues such as: multiple sclerosis, arthritis, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, chronic pain, Alzheimer's and cancer

Marijuana is also popular in patients suffering from different types of medical issues. Patients suffering from chronic pain have reported that usage of marijuana has decreased their pain level and have worked better than their original medication.

#1 Con about marijuana: smoking can cause harm to the lungs and throat

One huge health risk of using marijuana is the smoke, just like tobacco smoke it can do harm to your throat and lungs. The smoke from marijuana could contain toxic gases and particles that can damage the lungs, this is why sometimes people heavily cough during use. Although it has its cons, people have reported that the pros of relieving the symptoms outweighs the cons.

Human studies show positive effects of marijuana on HIV+ patients

In this human study scientist experimented on HIV+ patients. They found that people who smoked marijuana slept better, ate better and were happier than those who were not using the drug. They also found that patients who smoked marijuana had less neuropathic pain.

Human studies show positive effects of marijuana on Arthritis patients

In 2006 scientist have conducted a study to see the efficiency of cannabis based medication on arthritis patients. The study found that the 58 patients using marijuana had less arthritis pain and slept better.

Graph shoes arthritis pain before and after marijuana treatment, Picture was found on the Global Medicine Website

University of Maryland student shares her knowledge and views about Medical Marijuana

In the video Deena tells us her views about medical marijuana. She explains that although marijuana has its cons, there are a lot of things that marijuana is good for.

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