Your 'Healthy' Food May Not Be as Healthy as You'd Think.

Many people are under the common misconception that certain foods are healthier than others by word of mouth or by reading one article off facebook that "proves" its health benefits. The FDA currently classifies a food as "healthy" if it is low in fat. However, they are reviewing the qualifications of what foods are actually healthy. As odd as it may seem, popcorn is, in fact, one of the healthiest foods out there as it provides as a healthy whole grain snack that aids in teeth and bone strengthening with more iron than eggs. Nutritionists and the public seem to have a difference of opinion on how healthy foods actually are. Foods such as sushi, shrimp, and quinoa have a high differential between nutritionists and the public; the public thinking they are not as healthy as granola or steaks. 10 years ago we wouldn't have been able to understand all the nutritional values of certain foods as we do now, but there is always somethings we just don't know how the effects on the body of yet. The answer of knowing how "healthy" healthy foods are isn't simple but there definitely is some dispute between nutritionists and the public.

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